Commission Checklist Review

Commission Checklist is a new product by Ross Carrel and this page is dedicated to a detailed review of this program. But if you are looking for the official website, just click here. And if you want a big bonus to get the best value of your money, check our Commission Checklist bonus offer.

Ross Carrel

So, what is Commission Checklist?

It is a complete system that takes you from A-Z in the affiliate marketing process (details below). The system consists of training, software, theme and plugin in addition to the support you get. You have everything you need to start generating affiliate commissions.


What you get as a Commission Checklist member?

1- 6-Week Live Training

You get a 6 week coaching sessions that teach you everything you need to build affiliate sites that get results. Also, every step in the central platform has its own training video that shows you how to do it correctly. In addition to that, You will get access to more case studies so you can get new ideas from people who did it.

2- The Central Platform

This is a powerful built-in software where you can manage all your affiliate sites and campaigns. You can see all the way from the very first step a progress bar that shows where you stand right now, so you know what is missing.

You can start unlimited number of campaigns and with each one you go step by step as the “wizard” tells you, so when you finish and are ready to publish your site, you have a powerful site that is ready to get you results.

3- Commission Checklist Theme and Plugin

This is a very clean theme that gives you a professional website with what Google needs like page speed (important ranking factor today), Google authorship (your photo shows in the search results besides your site), a specific code optimized for search engines to allow them understand what your site and content are about (best practice for SEO).

The main focus of the theme and plugin is the conversion which is evident from the design, the content, the automatic placement of banners that are put in hot places with specific sizes to guarantee the highest CTR.

It is also ready for other devices like mobile, tablets…etc.


Now you know what you get, so how does it work?

As I said earlier, it is a step by step process, you start by signing up for the affiliate network you want (most of them are there) then you pick a product, choose keywords to target, prepare content to be published on specific dates of your choice. After you publish the site, the software will start building backlinks overtime to improve your rankings to guarantee you get traffic to your sites (check our bonus for traffic). And btw, your sites are hosted within the system.



Cons of Commission Checklist

- The price ($997) is somehow high, and it could be slightly lower, but anyway you can compensate for what you pay with your earnings from the affiliate sites you build.

- Another disadvantage is that the system doesn’t have the proper traffic generation strategies (some automated backlinks don’t guarantee higher rankings), so we created our bonus to compensate for this problem (we cover both free organic and paid traffic).


Final Word about Commission Checklist

The system is a cool one for newbies (takes them by hand through a step by step procedure), intermediate and advanced marketers who need one place to organize their sites and automate the entire process. However, I can guarantee you don’t get great results without high quality targeted traffic that we cover in our bonus that is limited to 20 persons only. With the system, the software, the training and the bonus, you are on the highway to big profits as an affiliate.